Saturday, August 9, 2014

In Bloom at The 4 R's

I really thought I would be posting about the Saddle Club's 3 events at the County Fair.  Thursday was the Jackpot Barrel Race which I'm told went well.  I didn't go because I was on call and that just makes things difficult.  Friday was suppose to be a horse pull and Saturday a cowboy challenge but guess what?  It's raining.  It's even raining here 10 miles from the fair grounds.  We have had 8/10's of an inch so far and things are already greening up.  But alas, the events were canceled.  Which also means I'm having to cook meals here instead of getting hamburgers and chill cheese fries there.  

So anyway, here is a substitute post of some pictures that I took last week. 

I just love the zinnias.  They are not as big as last year but still pretty.  I like the pink, orange and red combination.
 The black eyed susans are in full bloom.  When a friend gave them to me she said they were cone flowers, oops.
 The star gazer lily is a flower that is both pretty and smells nice.
And this tiger lily is a volunteer from a bunch that I got from my grandmother.  
I haven't been talking about the garden, but the squash has done really well this year.  Usually I get half a dozen then the plant dies, but so far it's still going strong.  V says squash is her new favorite vegetable so I have been trying to freeze some of the extra.  Hope it tastes as good.

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Story said...

Your flowers are gorgeous! After the deer ate my impatiens earlier this summer I planted some zinias (they were listed as "deer resistant") and I'm in love! Beautiful colors and so big! I will definitely do those again next year.

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