Monday, August 25, 2014

Iron Mountain Jubilee Recap In 25 Pictures or Less

J actually started the ride Friday by chasing Jessica across the ridge and maybe cussing at her. 
 As you saw from the picture Friday we bathed her then turned her loose in the lot while we finished getting things together.  In true Jessica fashion, she rolled again so she needed another bath before we loaded her on the trailer.
 When she finally got all four feet on the scale she weighed in at 1005 pounds.
 She vetted in perfect with all A's.
 I was trying to show how her number color coordinated with her halter but she took the opportunity to try to rub her braids out.
 After an uneventful night J was up and ready to go with the 30 milers.
 And they'er off!  There were 30 that started.
 Including this mule that finished about 30 minutes before J and Jessica.
 It may not look it but Jessica was ready to go.  J said he spent the first half of the ride holding her back.
 I mean while, drove to the halfway point to be ready to help when they got in.  Do you see a theme to Jessica's behavior?
 We got her unsaddled, sponged and pulsed down in six minutes.
 And she passed the vet check with flying colors again.
 Then it was 50 minutes of waiting.  I took care of Jessica while J kicked back and took it easy.  (and got a rock out of his boot)
 Jessica ate grass in between checking out her competition.  The halfway hold was located at the property that was auctioned off last month.  See Land Auction.
 Then saddled up and at the timer waiting to be released.
 I asked J if he heard me in his head during the ride.  He said he did and that I was saying, "now would be a good time to trot."
 I was certainly thinking that as he ambled slowly away from the hold.  In fact I almost yelled it at him.
 He must have heard me in his head because he finally started trotting.
 He got back in one piece.
 It took 14 minutes to pulse down and they called out "14th".  Not a bad finish.  Then all A's except a B+ on gut sounds.
 After stomping up onto the scales she weighed out at 945, a 60 pound weight loss.  She went right to eating and drinking as soon as we got back to the trailer.  She probably added back 20 pounds before we loaded her up to head home.
 And she did her usually scrubbing when we turner her out.
Now she can be a wild pony for a few days.  Not that she has ever been much of a tame one.  I think J had a great time and was glad he did it solo after all.  But boy, I need a horse for this.


Heather said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I always thought it would be neat to try something like that, but I have absolutely no idea what it takes to get ready for it!

C said...

Great recap! Nice finish! J had great support.

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