Monday, August 11, 2014

Riding Buddy

E has a friend that is a boy but not a boy friend that has been coming over lately to learn how to ride.  Apparently,  some of his buddies put him on a horse that he got bucked off of so now he would like to learn how to ride properly on a tame horse.  
E started him out on Pep, but surprise, surprise, he had trouble making her go.  He quickly graduated to Hank and has been getting along fine with him.  He rode Brother once but said he felt more balanced on Hank.  Sunday E even rode two horses, Pep in the barn with her friend then Brother out and about.  She said Brother (the 3 year old) seems more calm around the farm than Pep, her 13 year old show horse.  After about 4 lessons I ventured to the barn to see Jackson's progress.  Looks like E was doing a good job and has a willing pupil.  I had to take this picture surreptitiously in order not to embarrass E.


Kim said...

It's always good to see teenagers teaching others what they love to do.

Ian H said...

Good for her!

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