Sunday, September 7, 2014

Final Push

Sorry, but no Kit Kat Sunday today.  With all of the rain Kit hasn't felt very photogenic this week.  
So instead...
The State 4-H Horse Show is 4 days away and E is in her final push to get Pep ready.  We were going to a show Saturday but it was called off due to the weather.  We have had more rain this August and September so far than we ever remember.  And we have more grass than we do some springs.  So instead of a show we will have to make due working out here.  
 E is really getting Pep to stretch her neck down better, at the jog anyway.
 And she is even flexing at the poll like she is suppose to.
 I had seen a good YouTube video on cavaletti work helping to get the horse to engage it's back more so J helped me cut a bunch of 10' poles to practice with.  I have some set at trotting widths and some at cantering.  They always seem to have cantering poles in the trail class at State and Pep sometimes struggles with that.
So far, she has been doing well with everything.  We are looking forward to a possible good year.  With E going to college next year this may be our last State Show :(  But we're not there yet.  Two years ago Pep went lame 2 days before the show and we had to substitute Hank at the last minute.  This year Brother is being kept in reserve.  The count down begins...


C said...

Go get 'em E! Fingers crossed that Pep and Brother stay well.

50+ Horses said...

Looking Good! Fond memories of our daughter attending her last State show before she headed off to college. Wishing them both (good health) and the best of luck, keep us posted!

CDH said...

Driest and hottest summer here!
Good luck E and Pep.
And have fun in school.

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