Friday, September 26, 2014

In Bloom At The 4R's

The flower season is winding down here but a few things are still blooming pretty. 
 E's mums continue to come back year after year.
 The Ever Blooming Hydrangea really didn't have many blooms this year due to a late freeze this spring.  But now it has several new blooms starting.
 Looks like the butterfly bushes will continue to bloom until frost.
 This late summer weather was very confusing to the forsythia.  It is taking this opportunity to bloom for a second time this year.
And yes, I know, these aren't blooms but they started out that way.  The pears are getting ripe.  Not as many this year but they sure are big.  Unfortunately, J says their flavor isn't as good this year.  Maybe they will improve as they ripen more.
Hope things are pretty where you are.


CDH said...

Just love all your flowers. Especially the mums.
We had a grasshopper infestation. They destroyed my flowers. Something's are now blooming again. Strange.

Haddock said...

Nothing like plucking the pears from your own orchard.

Crystal said...

Lots of pretty flowers there, ours are drying up and getting ready for winter but we still got a few daisies around

Rose said...

Beautiful blossoms...hoping the pear's flavor improves.

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