Monday, October 20, 2014

4-H Fall Ride

I had had a very good 4-H meeting a couple of weeks ago with 7 kids.  Three of my regulars couldn't come.  I have decided instead of an event at each meeting we would just have meetings and plan 3-4 events for the year.  There was a lot of interest in a fall trail ride, so that is what we planned with the 7 that were at the meeting.
 Well, only the 3 regulars that couldn't make the planning meeting showed up for the trail ride.
 We had 6 adults and 3 kids.  That's a pretty good ratio.   What on earth are all of the kids doing?  E didn't go because first, she doesn't like trail riding for some unexplainable reason and second, she will be missing 4 days of school next week traveling with the State 4-H Horse Judging Team to Arabian Nationals in Oklahoma!  She felt she needed to make sure she was as caught up as possible in all of her classes.
 Everyone else missed a beautiful day for a ride.
 These were some trails I hadn't been on before.  The footing was very good, not near as rocky as a lot of places we ride.  And there were no long climbs or real step terrain.
 Brother was a little uppity at the beginning but did fine as soon as we got off the linear parkway past all of the houses with pigs, chickens, dogs and whatnot going on.   And Jessica did good for J except for the spook at a round bale, like she has never seen one of those before.  I thought the corn field would be more of a bother but they didn't give it a second look.
 Two other adults were both riding 2 year olds and they did great.  I was glad to see 2 of the 4-Hers showed up with their helmets.  
The old train trestle is always a little scary for me but the horses handled it fine.  At least we didn't have to cross the really long one that goes across the river.   Everyone had a good time and got back in one piece so another successful ride.


Laura Lee said...

Looks like fall! Nice trails. Too bad there isn't 4-h for adults.

Camryn said...

Only 7 more years till Grandson can be a 4 H kid. Yeah, he's only 1 now lol

50+ Horses said...

I agree - too bad there isn't a 4H for adults! :)

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