Monday, October 13, 2014

Hokie 1/2 Marathon

Last year V heard about the first annual Hokie 1/2 Marathon a week before the event.  She decided to start training for the next year's run because it was too close to try for that one.  She started a training program in June running up to 30 miles a week until her knees started hurting and she cut back.  Well, the run was yesterday and you could not have asked for worse weather, pouring rain and 50 degrees. 
 But lucky for us the run went right in front of my mother's house.  J and mama watched from the porch but I stood under an umbrella at the end of the sidewalk so I wouldn't miss her.  There were at least 1400 signed up for the race.  You would think that it would be pretty easy to pick out your daughter but in the rain with everyone soaked and not knowing what she was wearing, she was right on top of me before I saw her.
 I yelled some encouragement and snapped a picture....
 and she was gone.  J and mama didn't even see her.  I thought it might be nice to get to the finish line but we hadn't made plans on how to get there.  We drove to the drop off parking but the shuttle had quit running so we walked up a hill to where the runners were crossing the road.  None of the ones I saw looked familiar and I found out we could drive to the finish area so J went back and got the car.  We parked about 50 yards from the finish line, I got out and ran up there just to see V finish.
 She was soaking wet, frozen and couldn't even talk.
 She was clutching her medal and water bottle they handed her at the finish line.  (I'm not sure she needed any more water at this point)
 I managed to get her steered toward the car, got her wet shirt off and gave her my sweatshirt, put her in the front seat and J blasted the heater on her.  I went back and found her backpack at the drop off tent, picked up her Finisher tee shirt and got her some hot chili from the food tent.  She finally revived enough to be driven home.
Her rendition of the event can be read HERE.
Great job V for having a goal, making a plan and sticking to it no matter what.  We are very proud of you. I think her time was around 2:20 but she didn't manage to stop her watch at the finish to know for sure.  Eleven minutes faster than the only 1/2 marathon I ever did.  


Kim said...

great job!

Crystal said...

Good for her, that sounds like a horrible weather to run in. Id like to run a marathon but Im not even close to that yet...but one day

50+ Horses said...

Congrats V!!!! Made me chilly just looking at her after she finished! :)

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