Saturday, October 11, 2014

Jail Break

When I was fixing supper last night I looked out the window and saw this.
 The cattle are not suppose to be around the barn and the horses are not suppose to be with the cattle.
 Looks like some curious little ones played with the gate until it opened because I know J, as obsessive as he is about gates, would never have left it opened when he went down to move the cattle into that field earlier in the day.
 No harm done and they high tailed it right back to where they belonged.
I believe the horses knew better and they were no problem to catch and return to their rightful place.
 J said he wasn't needing this field until sometime in January when he plans on weaning the calves.  We have stockpiled it in the past but there was such and abundance of grass this fall he decided to let the cattle in on it for a couple of days.
Too much grass is not a problem we have never had before but it sure is a nice problem to have.


Ricardo Colugnatti said...

Beautiful landscape!!!

Alica said...

Thank goodness it wasn't at midnight!

Crystal said...

Bad cows, always trying to be somewhere they arent supposed to be

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