Sunday, October 19, 2014

Just Kit Sunday #67

We have never gotten our shed at the red barn repaired since the wind damaged it last year.  The hay wagon is stored out there and it was starting to get in the weather some where the roof has blown off.  So J decided to pull it out and move it to a shed at the farm up the road.
 After some tire pumping we pulled it to the house where I could sweep the goat poop off.  The baby goats love to jump up on it and play (and poop).   Kit decided to check things out while it was in the yard.
This is a wagon I helped my grandfather rebuild the bed on.  I loaded many a hay bale on it back in the day.  Since we don't bale our own hay anymore we really don't have much use for it.  But it will stay dry until we might need it for something else.

1 comment:

50+ Horses said...

Gorgeous day! Neat that you helped re-build it. Seems like wagons such as these may sit around for awhile but when needed it's nice to have available.

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