Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Problem With Dark Horses

Our horses are out on about 15 acres with a variety of trees.  They like to hang out under the trees in hot weather. 
 Can you see me now?
 How about now?
 This is their favorite spot.  Can you see me now?

There they are!  Can you see the problem with dark horses?


CDH said...

Even out in this dry tree less high desert it's hard to find the horses. They like to hang out under the rock bluffs...we do have 2 paints and a grey....they are easy to spot...the other horses are brown....if you spot the white ones, you can bet the brown ones are close! Unless we have snow, then it's opposite! Haha

Crystal said...

Ya I notice certain time of the year its hard to find ponies, I like my paint cause no matter what in summer I can see her what and in winter her black sticks out so shes always visible

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