Monday, February 9, 2015

4-H Judging Practice

We had our last 4-H horse judging practice before our scheduled contest next week.  I have a team of 4 juniors (3 eleven year olds and one 9) and one senior that have stuck with it since our first practice in November.  
 None of these kids have judged before but there is a strong love of horses and even some enthusiasm.
 All of the previous practices have just been inside with pictures.  This time I brought them to my barn for some live horse practice.  First we had a halter class where they took notes and placed the class.  Then we talked about pattern classes and made sure everyone knew what leads were and how to tell if the horse was on the correct lead.  Then we did a horsemanship pattern.  J rode Brother,  E (who is my co-coach) was on Otoelene, I rode Wrangler and one of the girls grandfather did a great job with Hank.
 The kids all did great paying attention and taking notes.
I then had them write out their reasons on the halter class and present them to me like at a contest.  They are doing great for their first time but I'm a little worried that the contest will be overwhelming.  I've told them how proud I am that they have stuck with it and as far as I'm concerned just finishing the contest will be winning.  If they stay interested I think they could be pretty competitive by the time they are seniors!

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