Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Changing Things Up

In the past when J has weaned calves and backgrounded them before sending them to the feedlot, he fed them at the old barn.  This year he decided to feed them out from our new barn.
Out of habit he took the first load of grain to the old barn and was driving it up through 4 gates to feed the calves every day.  I said to just use the shop to store the grain.
 It is so much more convenient feeding them at this location.  But I've lost half of the shop for the next month.  I was able to use it to get Otoelene's shoes reset yesterday.  It was nice being out of the wind.   J was out getting another load of grain since he was almost out.  Then he showed up with another 2 tons.  I think he plans it for when I'm down there an can help unload it all. 
 The only problem is that the cattle do tear up the ground quite a bit.  I figure that after we send them out west in another 2 weeks we could reseed the area and it should be fine by summer. 


CDH said...

It's funny when I'm around, Cameron will come back with a ton of salt or some crazy thing and want help unloading it! Ha!

Crystal said...

Ha dy to have it close but too bad about loss of use

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