Friday, February 20, 2015

Winter Feeding and Warning...Creepy Picture

J has been saving the center of a round bale and rolling out for the horses until the weather got bitterly cold.
Then he set a whole round bale out for them a couple of days ago.  For some reason he likes to send me out with a pitch fork to spread it around after they have made a mess of it.
 While I was down there I rebroke the ice on the water tank and Wangler came running.
 He had his fill then ran back to the hay bale.   It's been too cold for him to paint and I'm sure he is bored.  
 After I spread the hay out into piles the horses still seem to prefer the middle.  With the ground frozen so hard they are not as likely to make as big of a mess as if the ground were soft and they just stomped the hay into the mud.
 And pretty much every day when J comes in from feeding the cattle he comments that he is glad we aren't calving now.  A neighbor has already lost 5 calves to this brutal weather.  Minus 3 last night (-20 wind chill)
And now for the warning...Creepy picture ahead.....

I told E that I was changing my facebook picture.  Her comment, "Don't put that picture anywhere near the internet!"  I think I'm safe with the blog aren't I?


C said...


CDH said...

Brrrr! I hope you all warm up soon! So brutal on the brand new babies. We've been so warm this winter. No snow, just rain. Almost done with the heifers. :)

50+ Horses said...

LOL! Love your picture! Forget fashion - it's all about warmth!!

Hope it warms up soon - seems that when we get nice (warm) weather you folks get nasty (cold). Perhaps the could cover and rain we have today will mean your weather is improving. Hang in there - March is almost here!

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