Saturday, February 28, 2015

Wrangler Can Paint Watercolor Series #8,9,10 and 11!

Wrangler had a great week painting.  Someone asked what was I going to do with his paintings?  Well, family members have spoken for several and there is a request for one to go to a silent auction fund raiser.  I am thinking of  offering some for sale but I don't really know what the market would be.  I have started a facebook page for Wrangler here, 
 He did this one on Monday.  I mixed the brown and green ahead of time and E said it looked like camouflage.  So, when Wangler was painting, I had him finish with a couple of swipes of red.  I might name this one "The Hunt".
 Then I splurged and bought Wrangler some new paint brushes.
 I had just be using some brushes I had in the garage.  I wrap socks around the handles then duct tape.
 Yesterday he did the first painting so fast that I had him do another.
 My sister is wanting Wrangler to donate one to a fundraiser she is in charge of at a botanical garden.  I thought these colors looked like flowers.  Maybe it will be a hit.
 I liked the colors so much I had him do a second one.
Then E came to the barn and she suggested college colors,   Wrangler was still in the mood so I tried to mix orange and maroon, GO HOKIES!  The orange is easy but I think I might have missed the mark a little on the maroon.
I no longer worry about him eating the brush.  He has gotten very good at spitting it out after he does a few swipes.   And since I have taken more time with the colors I think his artwork is really coming along nicely.

P.S. Someone is coming to look at him today about buying.  I knew that would happen as soon as I taught him something cool.

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C said...

The top gold and purple one (change to "flower" colors, looks like gold fish to me.

The very first one on this post looks like flowers to me (with lots of leaves).


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