Tuesday, March 17, 2015

5 Year Wait

Ever since we got our first 4 wheeler almost 5 years ago now, (Here's the post on that) I have been wanting a cart to pull behind it.  J kept saying how cheap they were made and that always discouraged me from buying one.  Well, now we have had our second 4 wheeler for over a year and still no cart... until yesterday. 
 I made the executive decision to go ahead and get one, cheap made or not.
 I actually went for a more expensive model that had larger, wider tires and is suppose to carry up to 1250 pounds.
 It will even swivel and dump.
 The first test was this pile of rocks I had collected
 off of this hill in front of the house.  I was tired of tripping over them leading the horses to the barn.
Three loads later and I need to find some more rocks (not really much of a challenge around here).


Mrs Shoes said...

Our old manure cart is metal - Mr Shoes has had to weld it here, patch it there, etc every year for the last 7. I've been wanting to go to a plastic dump cart - what kind is this one? I can't quite make it out... Onio maybe?

fernvalley01 said...

we have a dump cart and I love it ,so handy!

4RRanch said...

Yes, it is an Ohio steel 4048P 12.5 Cu ft cart $299 from tractor supply.

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