Friday, March 13, 2015

Spring Break

V has been on Spring break this week but I'm not sure she has had much fun.  She came home and has spent the week here helping J.
 She has been riding in the tractor and opening gates and helping cut and haul wood and move brush.
And all these things are leaving my house with her.  She has a lot of blank wall space in her new apartment and has been going to thrift stores to find some art work.  I said she just had to go to my closet.  I will be interested to see how she uses all of this.  Looks like she is packing up to head back to Tech.  I'm already missing her.:(

1 comment:

CDH said...

It's hard when your best hand leaves! I feel your pain. We tried to schedule branding and stuff around spring break so my son could help. No he's in another state! Ugh!

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