Friday, March 20, 2015

What Do You See?

I caught Wrangler for a quick painting Tuesday evening.  When I went to the field he was away from the other horses.  Instead of running over to them he turned and faced me and did a low nicker.  He is not suppose to be doing nice stuff like that, he is for sale.
 Anyway, I thought I would try a painting with more colors and let him paint more brush strokes on it.
Wrangler Can Paint Watercolor Series #22
Not too sure I like this one much, but I do see Dumbledore and Fawkes in this one.
And then I got this email from someone in New Jersey (8 hours away)

"After making a dozen calls and asking everyone I know, there is no way I'm going to be able to come down to your ranch, try him, buy and bring the horse back up here to south jersey. If there is anyway you and your husband could bring him up here, if he is as good as he looks on your videos, I know we could make a deal happen. I would also be open to paying you folks something for transporting him up here.

Think about it and just let me know. I would be open to your schedule on any week-end you think this could work. If that's not going to be possible, then it's not going to happen.

Please let me know either way."

Do people really buy horses like this?  Not really something I'm comfortable doing. 


50+ Horses said...

Nobody I know buys horses that way.

If they are interested in him they need to make the effort to come see him.

If they can't even make the effort to come see him...what type of effort are they going to make in caring for him?

...and know I'm hoping you'll pull him off the market and keep him! :)

Mrs Shoes said...

Hmmm, maybe the wording is a little harsh & a little too direct(possibly even brash or tactless), but that doesn't at all mean that it is not a good home or that they wouldn't care for the horse properly.

People make deals in all KINDS of ways... so far as I know there is no one single 'right' way to do things.

I'll use 2 examples that I know of personally:
#1. Lady sent broker looking for her FOREVER horse. Broker loved horse, took photos & video, sent to Lady. Lady LOVED horse.
Asked for references, Lady sent multiple - every. single. reference. checked out great.
Seller gave Lady very good price based on promise of FOREVER home (with buy back clause).
Horse left on pro transport, Lady paid tab. LOVED HIM.
Seller checked on horse a month later, Lady LOVED horse, BEST thing that ever happened to her.
Not 2 months later Lady who LOVED her new FOREVER horse flipped him for a huge profit & never said a word. Seller found out by accident & could not find new owner because Lady didn't even have a name.
I never heard what happened after that.
#2. Buyer called Seller about horse, very interested but could not come in person due to losing hired hand (calving season on 1200 cow operation). Buyer requested pictures, farrier #, trainer #. Seller supplied all.
Buyer called for more photos, more video being ridden. Seller provided. Buyer loved horse. Provided references - all checked out.
Buyer asked if Seller could possibly deliver horse 400 miles away, would pay for gas in addition to paying full asking price. Seller agreed.
Seller spent all day hauling horse & got to meet Buyer, see property, other horses & cattle operation.
Buyer LOVED horse.
Buyer has horse to this day, his own personal favourite.
Both parties happy.

Just a couple of perhaps 'unconventional' deals that I've heard of from the Sellers.

Mrs Shoes said...

I should add - I'm not trying to say that you should feel one way or the other, all I'm saying is that you don't really know if this is a home that you'd feel comfortable with or not yet.
Even though you have a bad impression from their first communication, you might feel differently if you talk to them a bit. You might like them just fine & they might be a great home.
Or you might hate them & they might suck balls.
Either way, it doesn't hurt to give them the benefit of the doubt until you communicate with them. :-)

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