Monday, March 16, 2015

Wrangler the Painting Horse, A Short Rant, And My 1500 Post!

Wrangler is becoming so talented at painting he can now do it with his eyes closed. 
 I think he has really been feeling Spring on its way.
Wrangler Can Paint watercolor series #19
 He has painted yellow daffodils,
Wrangler Can Paint watercolor series /#20
 and purple tulips.
Wrangler Can Paint watercolor series #21
Not real sure what this one is though.

Now for my short rant...

   As you know, I have Wrangler advertised for sale.  Every time I get a call I go through the emotional roller coaster of thinking about letting him go after all of the work I've put into him or keeping a horse I really don't need.  Anyway, this last tire kicker really ticked me off.
   I was call and questioned by "Ben" about Wrangler and how much to deliver him 250 miles away.  After discussing it with J I emailed Ben back with the total price.  He then called and said I would have to call "Mr. S" and talk with him because he was really the one that would be buying Wrangler.  I said "Mr. S" was welcome to call me but I thought it a little strange for me to be calling him since it was Ben I had been communicating with.
   Well, Mr. S did call and said he was very interested but was having trouble finding an honest person.  I then got a story about his other horse being with a trainer for 9 months and having $18,000 in it and it coming home with a cracked cannon bone then going to a "horse nursing home" being drugged up and now has turning into a kicker and biter.  After all of that he asked a couple of questions about Wrangler's soundness.  Wrangler is totally sound and I reassured him of this several times.  He asked again about his hooves and I said, the only thing you could even see was a very superficial crack in one front hoof that is growing out and causing absolutely no problems. ** OH NO GASP **  "Well, that really concerns me." said Mr. S.  I went over it several more times that it was only cosmetic, no problem and growing out.  I would take a picture of it and he was welcome to look at the horse himself and have it vet checked.  "Well, that really concerns me,"  he said for the 10th time.  I finally said, 'if it still concerns you and you haven't even looked at him and I am assuring you that it is not a problem, then you don't need my horse.'  He thanked me and hung up.
Shew! People, really.

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50+ Horses said...

If you don't mind me saying...those guys were idots and I'm GLAD it didn't work out!

I think you should keep Wrangler-his painting talent is growing! :)

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