Sunday, May 24, 2015

E's High School Graduation

We have had a lot of graduating going on around here.  E had an award ceremony last week along with her graduation from Governor's School and her regular graduation Friday.
 She received from Governor's School the
                           -Anatomy and Physiology Academic Achievement Award
                           -ALEKS Course Completion Award
                           -Governor's Recognition for completion of the Early College Scholars Program
                           -$500 Quadrant EPP USA, Inc. Scholarship.
From her regular school she got the
                           -Valedictorian of the Class of 2015
                           -Outstanding Performance in Accelerated Government
                           -Certificate for All Around MACC Team and Social Studies MACC Team
                           -$1000 VFW Post 4667 Scholarship
                           -$1000 Cliff Dicker Memorial Scholarship
                           -$200 History Award
                 and last but not least
                           -Certificate for Exceptional Attendance  (not really sure how she got that one, she missed a lot of school for horse judging and showing)
 As Valedictorian she had to give a speech which she tormented over for 2 months, finally finishing it the morning of graduation.
I thought she did and excellent job.
Thanks to all our family and friends that helped us celebrate 2 graduations in the last 7 days!
And what's a blog post without a horse picture.  She also won the AQHA Farm & Ranch Heritage Scholarship .  And $250 from the Arabian Horse Association for High Team at their youth judging contest last fall.
Yay, the horses are finally paying off. (or maybe breaking even, or just not losing as much)  I guess I'm done bragging for not but I'm just so proud of my girls.


Mrs Shoes said...

Hey, if MY horses could do a thing to contribute financially to our daughter's education, I would be over the moon!
You are rightfully proud of your girls.

Ian H said...

Congratulations to E. You all must be very, very proud of her, with due reason!

ellie k said...

Congratulations to a fine young lady, good parenting pays off.

Crystal said...

Wow congrats to her, that's quite a list of accomplishments!

C said...

Way to go E! You rock!

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