Wednesday, May 27, 2015

New Equipment

We have never had a riding lawn mower before.  Well, technically that is not completly true.  Several years ago, when my mother started using a lawn care service, she gave us her old John Deere.  But the first time I used it, the axle broke only 15 feet from where I started mowing, unfixable.  So J has always used a push mower, until now. 
 We are finally living it up and bought our first riding mower last month.
 And it came with this box,
 which I turned into this cart one afternoon.  Now I have gone from no cart to two carts this year.  This one is not as heavy duty as the other one.  It will probably just stay around the yard.   But now the mowing opportunities are endless.  Of course we are using it on the yard.
This was the result of the tree punning I did after I mowed the yard with it for the first time.  Amazing how much easier it it to find low hanging branches when you are on a riding mower. 
 Today I ventured to the riding ring with the mower.  Just a suggestion, you might want to check the gas before going on a long trip.  Anyway, J had already taken the bush hog around the arena a few days ago but couldn't get close to the edges.  And trying to ride with that tempting grass at horse mouth level can be frustrating.  Plus, the grass elsewhere was still pretty tall.
Now it is almost like a yard.  A couple of more mowings and maybe we can eliminate the hay look.
I can also see my poles now, well sort of.  But the horses can see them to trot over instead of trip over.  There's no stopping us now.

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Crystal said...

Pretty fancy! We went from a riding mower to a push mower and a smaller yard, we use the bush mower for the rest of the yard, I dont wanna mow that much on a regular basis. Love the arena, I turned mine to dirt, although occasionally I wish I left it grass.

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