Monday, May 18, 2015

Va Tech Graduation 2015

We joined throngs of other proud parents and families at the Virginia Tech campus Saturday for a very special graduation. 
Our daughter V finished up in just 3 years with a degree in Agriculture and Applied Economics.
 It was a beautiful day but a little stuffy in the unairconditioned Cassell Coliseum.
 There was a little bit of frivolity before the seriousness of the ceremony.  
 Over 700 students graduated from the college of Agriculture.
 V made her way across the stage and was awarded her diploma over our whoops and yells.  Then off to grandma's house for a cookout and fellowship with family.
 Of course there was the obligatory picture taking.  The R's all obliged when we caught them on the way to their car.
 And V posed nicely for her pictures.  The blue sash is for the Block and Bridle club and the cord is for the Ag Econ club.
 But the P's were all scattered about and we were unable to round up everyone for a picture.  But Grandma posed with V,
 as did Aunt C.
 T and
 L wouldn't leave the porch.
 But Boyfriend Mike was happy to stand by V.
As were 2 very proud parents.  V starts her new job at an Ag lending bank on June first. Welcome to the real world.


Mrs Shoes said...

Congratulations V, & YOU 2 as well!
I think it's an accomplishment to get a kid through school & out to their fabulous future well armed with a good education.
Comforting to know that it happens - our daughter is in her 5th year of university with 1 (or maybe 2, who knows?) to go.

Kim said...

Congratulation to you and your daughter! They grow up fast don't they?

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