Monday, June 1, 2015

Family Affair

We put V to work while she was home this weekend.  J was going to work this group of cattle later in the week but I suggested since we had V, lets just do them now.
  J didn't get off to a good start.  The cows were on new pasture which can cause things to get a little messy.  He got manure on him before we even started sorting.
Ready for action.
 We sorted the cows out to work them first.  They got a pre-breeding vaccine.
 A couple of them had crookity horns that needed a little attention.
We sawed off the tip to keep it from growing into her skin.  As long as you don't cut too deep and hit blood, it doesn't hurt at all.
 Then it was time for the calves.  They got a 7 way vaccine, ear tag and the steers got a Ralgro implant.  J brought the cattle up the chute,  V worked the head gate and ear tagged,
 while E mixed the vaccines and loaded the tagger.  That left me only having to give the shots.  I felt like I was on vacation.
E also kept the cows from pestering us while we worked on the calves.

With all this good help, we got to the last one in short order.   I'm not looking forward to the next group.  They will be in the dusty barn and our help will be gone.


Crystal said...

Nice to have that job done. We get all ours done next Monday but we dont use the chute, we use our neighbors ;)

ellie k said...

What beautiful girls you have.

Mrs Shoes said...

What is "Ralgro' for?

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