Monday, June 29, 2015

Surprise Decision

E has been tormenting over which horse to enter for the State 4-H Show in September.  She narrowed it down to Brother or Pep and had to choose by this week. 
 Brother, since he is just 4 would go in the Jr. Horse Classes.   He has been to several shows but never one this big and never in a large indoor arena.  So he is definitely an unknown.
 Pep on the other hand is a been there done that kind of horse.  She was reserve champion once and champion twice in her division when E was a Jr. but has never been able to recapture that success as a Sr. rider.   Plus, it is always questionable with her touchy, abscess prone hooves whether or not she will be sound.
 After much deliberation E choose Brother.  That means lots more practicing and hunting up more shows to go to. (YAY!)
 Pep was always a shoe in for the trail class.  Now Brother will be practicing the gate on a daily basis.
E was so close last year to placing in showmanship with Pep.  Maybe Brother will get her there this final year.

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C said...

Good luck E.

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