Friday, June 12, 2015

T3 - The Twin

We have had 4 sets of twins this year.  But this last set had a very small bull calf that only weighs about 35 pounds.  He probably didn't get much colostrum and he got separated/lost  from the cow for 24 hours when he was 2 days old.   Now the poor little thing has scours.  Most calves with his level of scours would bounce back in 1 - 2 days but he just isn't that strong and it has drug out for 4 days now. 
 He had been sucking a bottle but we have had to tube him several times also.  This morning he seemed more depressed so I put in a catheter and gave him some IV fluids.  We really haven't had any problem with scours for several years now so we aren't that stocked up on medicine.
J tagged one set of twins with T1 and T2 to keep up with them.  Then this set was born so they were T3 and T4.   I hope this little thing turns into a fighter because I'm not sure he will make it otherwise.  He he does, it looks like we'll have yet another bottle calf.


Crystal said...

Them twins are tough. I hate when we have twins. We had one set this year and we gave it to a neighbor and when it gets sold this fall we will just split the price. Much easier that way than bottle feeding everyday

CDH said...

We had 3 sets of twins, that we know of. All 3 bottle babies went to 2 little boys to raise. 😀
I hope your little guy pulls through.

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