Monday, June 8, 2015

Working Horses

It seems like we do a lot of riding but it is usually exercising or training.  The last couple of days we have actually been doing some work with the horses. 
 Yesterday we rode Jessica and Brother to the neighbor's farm that we rent.  J hadn't seen the cattle over there for 3 days and was getting a little worried about what they were up to.
 We have never ridden the horses on this property before but they did great.
 They have a hill taller than ours.  It's pretty rough getting up there but the view is beautiful.
 This first hill just over the tree tops in the one on our property.
 We didn't actually find where the cattle were but we knew all of the places they weren't.  J went back with the 4 wheeler and looked in the last spot and found them fat and happy.
 Then me and E got an early start this morning on Pep and Otoelene to round up the cows and calves off the back 40 to work.
 Half the group was pretty near the gate and we rounded those up first before we went down into the gorge.  I'm signed up for a cattle working clinic in a couple of weeks.  Very excited about taking Otoelene to that.  She is just so calm and responsive with the cattle.  
 There were some holdouts down by the creek in the woods but they were no match for E, Pep, Otoelene, and me.  
 I'm really glad to have a horse that can do this so I don't have to run up and down here on foot anymore.  Now we are still fresh when we head to the barn to work on the cattle.
E and Pep were awesome too.  The little show pony does have some cow in her too.


Ian H said...

I really miss our former neighbour's summer cattle drive to the upper pasture! Fortunately, I have pictures and a good memory!

Crystal said...

I think it makes a good horse to use them for cattle work. And anything is better than running up and down hills on foot!

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