Monday, August 17, 2015

Final Push

The Iron Mountain Jubilee ( endurance ride is coming up in just 2 short weeks.  I've been struggling over what horse to take if any.  J is riding Jessica again.  I really didn't want to sit out for a second year but Hank has just gotten too old and I dreaded doing that much trotting on him, he is sooo rough.  Pep with her slowness and tender feet was out of the question and Otoelene, having finally recovered from her year long struggle with white line disease is still being babied.  That left Wrangler and Brother to chose from.  Wrangler has been doing well but I'm still a little leery about going full tilt for 30 miles on him.  Since E was going to show Brother at the State show I was a little worried about something happening to him on the ride since the show is just 12 days later.
 Well, after the show at Ivanhoe (HERE) last month, E has decided to not take Brother to State.  This means writing a letter to the State office explaining why we want a substitution and a $50 check.  The only problem is that she wants to take Pep and I had had her shoes pulled after E had picked Brother and was on her way to college next week, and Pep is so iffy on those tender abscessed prone feet and now the farrier can't come until next week.  So until we get shoes and make sure Pep is ok it looks like Hank is hanging around in the background for potential back up at State.   Got all that.
 It just means that I get to take Brother on the endurance ride in 2 weeks.  J and I rode the 8 mile Horse Heaven loop in 1 hr 40 mins on Saturday.  There were a few obstacles, some down trees,
 this rattle snake someone got to before we did,
 and herds of these hateful horse flies.  Brother really hates those.
J has done a great job slowing Jessica down.and Brother has sped up some so they are making a good pair so far.  Anyone want to crew for us in a couple of weeks?

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Virginia Reasor said...

I will volunteer to crew

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