Friday, August 14, 2015

Naming Help Needed

V was able to dig up her old camera for me to use while I'm trying to decide what replacement I want.  Her's is a canon power shot 7.1 MP that takes (sucks all the energy very quickly from) 2 AA batteries.  Anyway, it works so I guess I'm back in business with the blog as long as my supply of AA batteries holds out. 
So this is the painting Wrangler is donating to the Silent Auction fundraiser for the State 4-H Horse Show next month.  (Thank you C for the donation of the great frame and mat) Now I need a catchy name for it, maybe something incorporating 4-H or horse activities.  Tell me what you've got!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. 5H-Head, Heart, Hands, Health, Hooves? :)

Mrs Shoes said...

Another masterpiece by Wrangler - sure looks nice all matted & framed up like that, hope it will fetch a nice bit of coin.

At first look I was reminded of a pattern, but more freestyle, as if the horse was the one choosing the pattern instead of a pre-set course.

But looking at the painting for a while, I see very two distinct horses - on the left inside the swipe I see a horse's head & neck riding West out of the picture. Inside the center swipe I see a cute & pouty little muzzle & the shadow of a jawline as the horse is traveling Southeast but looking toward the West, the crest of neck & flying mane are there in the yellow-green swipe. I also see two legs complete with hooves... like seeing images in a cloudy sky, Wrangler's paintings sparks the imagination.

I don't have a name suggestion (right now at least) because I'm kind of enthralled by the painting itself. If I were @ that function, I would definitely bid! I think it would be lovely on any horse lovers wall.

I am wondering... on the backside of the exactly 2 original art pieces that I have (both treasured gifts) there is a label with information on the artist (one has a small photo, similar to what you would see on a book jacket) & a message that tells about what inspired the paintings. Have you ever thought about something similar to this idea?
If you don't already, may I suggest that such a thing could tell a story to anyone admiring the piece for years to come, & add to the interest if the piece were ever to change hands.
Without anyone or any other way to relay the artist's story firsthand, Wrangler's masterpiece might be mistaken for the cherished family artwork of a child. :-) Family art & sentimentality aside, a buyer might find a label of some sort an interesting conversation starter to people who admire it in their home.
Just a thought.

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