Friday, February 5, 2016

Birthday Success

The rescheduled birthday surprise was a success.  Hailey had no idea she was going to be painting with a horse.  When we asked her to guess what you could do with paints and horses at the same time she had all kinds of ideas except for the right one. 
 I couldn't juggle the horse, child, paints and camera at the same time so Wrangler didn't make it into my photo but he did do the painting.  Hailey picked the colors and I gave Wrangler his brushes.  Hailey named this artwork "Wrangler's Rainbow"
 And then she got to ride Wrangler.  How multi talented is that?
 After a little while on Wrangler I switched her over to Pep who was more her size and her mom took over riding Wrangler.
I think she had a good time.  Well, what little girl wouldn't?


Mrs Shoes said...

At her age I think most little girls would be thrilled at that birthday surprise.
*Even @ my age, I'd probably love it.

Crystal said...

Sounds like a perfect birthday, I woulda liked it too :)

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