Friday, February 12, 2016

Catlemen Awareness Ribbon

Earlier this week we got the cattle out of the far end of the farm.
 It wasn't too difficult seeing as how they are conditioned to come when they see the tractor and hay.
 This was a mix lot of bred heifers, yearling replacement heifers and the small end of the calves we sent out west last month.
 The problem was that the smaller end of the calves just weren't getting enough nutrition on hay alone.  Plus, we needed to separate the bred heifers out the nearer they are getting to calving.
 Once again, it was no problem towing them to the new field.
 After J rolled out the hay for them, I said he made a "Cattlemen Awareness Ribbon".
Now the replacement heifers and little ones can get the extra feed they need.


C said...

Wow - that cattleman's awareness ribbon is cool

Crystal said...

haha that is super cool!

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