Monday, September 12, 2016

Hugh Disappointment

We finally got a chance to check the bees and see about robbing the honey Saturday.  
 We started with the established hive.  We have gotten a full super of honey off of it for the last 3 years.
 But when J opened it up...
 He checked the top hive body and it was fine, brood and honey there so hopefully they will be good for the winter.
He checked the hive that we caught this spring next.  More brood and honey there but only enough for them for the winter.
They say one year is never like the next with bees.  I think in the spring when we were suppose to have the strongest nectar flow, the weather was too dry.  J also said he thinks he never saw the locust trees bloom.  There could be lots of factors but it all adds up to no honey this year :(   But maybe we will have two strong hives going into next spring.

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