Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Too Many Choices

I need to quit looking at Pintrest.  My current obsession is engineering prints.  Apparently, people are using them to blow up photos to use as art.  These can come in sizes up to 3 feet by 4 feet.  As soon as I saw that I started thinking about where I was going to hang one and what picture to use.

This is the picture that I have currently narrowed my focus to.  
I manipulated it with the software already on my computer to come up with this.  I liked it but was wanting it a little more abstract.
So I found a free app that had more effects to chose from and used the oil painting effect to come up with this.  I love what it did to the trees. 
But then I wondered if I was getting too fancy and just went back to black and white.  I've looked at it so much now I can't decide what to do.  At $7 for the black and white and $13 for the color, I guess I could do them all.


Crystal said...

Wow so much snow seems so early! I do like that pic, I think I like it in black and white best though, the trees in the oile painting are cool but you lose the cows face

Alica said...

I like the black and white best too!

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