Monday, February 13, 2017


It's official, her APHA registered name is Otoe's Golden Asset.  Today's name is Draper (location of where she was born)
 Calling her Draper sort of reminds me of Sweetwater, but that is where the comparison ends.  She is so calm and smart.  Do something once and she knows it.
 Today we went for a little walk about outside of her lot.  She was the perfect young lady.  Curious and alert yet polite and listening.
 I've done a little more with the tarp and had no resistance.  I can now drape it over her and lounge her and if it falls off she just stops and sniffs it.
 I have also shown her the plastic milk jugs.  I drug them around so she would be interested and follow along.
 Even without a halter she didn't spook when I rubbed them all over her.
She has been making friends with Hank who is hanging out around the barn now.  He prefers grass to hay and the only grass left is around the barn.  He never really bothers anything else so as long as he behaves himself he can finish trimming up around the barn.


Ruth said...

What a good bubba :)

Crystal said...

Shes so adorable, makes me want a baby

Mrs Shoes said...

Oh boy, I bet your looking forward to training a nice little gal without the big issues Sweetwater had. Draper's a good name, not very femme, but at least it means something.

Virginia Reasor said...

I like the names Goldie or Jewel

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