Thursday, February 2, 2017

eBay Successes

I have been working hard recently to rid my house of extraneous items. The problem is, what exactly is the definition of extraneous?  E helped out by going through a lot of her stuff to donate to the thrift store.   I have managed to add to her pile with some of my own stuff. I've made two trips with the back of the car loaded so far.  I have also tried selling a few things too.  Since I have a page set up for Wrangler's paintings I thought that if I added a few other things maybe his art would get more views.  
 It may have worked because another painting sold last week.
 I have a ton of Christmas ornaments so I thought I would try to cut back some.  I placed this one on eBay and it sold in 10 days.
Then surprise, my "Lucky Horse Shoe Plaque" sold today.  Packaging to ship is a bit of a pain but at least I am getting paid to clean out my house.


Crystal said...

I used to sell lots of stuff on enya but havent in a while it became kinda a pain

Mrs Shoes said...

That's awesome... like found money!!

I purge once in a while too, & I always try to sell the larger or more valuable items - last year I made $3000 for good stuff that we just didn't need any longer.
I didn't make any real profit if a person looked at it that way, because I paid for those things to start with, BUT I did get years of use out of them & we were 'done' with them, so to me, it's kind of like a savings account bonus, which helped me to help a certain uni student I know out quite a lot & give some special gifts for Christmas & their birthdays too.

C said...

Fantastic! I've never sold anything on eBay because I didn't want to figure out the shipping and I never linked paypal to my bank account.

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