Friday, February 24, 2017


My daughter V just closed on a rental investment property.  Apparently she doesn't have enough to do so she is branching out to rental properties.
 It's a cute house but it has been empty for 3 years and needs some updates and repairs.   Mike has gotten a good start on the repairs.
 Then I came in to help with the paint.  First on the list was painting the black room.
Next, up was the Sponge Bob room.  It was a little more difficult painting over really well done cartoon characters. 
Well, Squidward was pretty easy to paint over,  
 but I really didn't like doing Jellyfish Fields,
 and I wanted to just put a frame around Gary.  Oh well, it all had to go.
 Black paint is pretty tough.  I'm not sure if it will need another coat of primer or if the paint will cover it now.  I guess next work day we will find out.


Crystal said...

That is a cute room but for rentals much easier to paint over it. And black that's an odd color to have for a room.

What colors did she pick?

Mrs Shoes said...

Good Lord yes, black & other saturated colours are so hard to cover!
Congrats to V on another wise step in the adulting world.

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