Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tails and Favorite Things

I have come to the conclusion that little Draper cannot trot without having her tail up in the air.
 Trotting, tail up. 
 Standing still, tail down. 
 Trotting, tail up.
 Walking, tail down. 
 Her trotting muscles are definitely connected to her tail up muscles. 
Now, two of my favorite things in one shot.  I was taking a picture of the bunny rabbit when Draper had to come see what I was doing.   Who doesn't love little horses and bunny rabbits?


Ruth said...

So cute!! Especially love that last picture.

Crystal said...

That's funny her tail lol. And I bet she doesn't even know that bunny is there

Mrs Shoes said...

Trots out with enthusiasm!

C said...

That tail up is adorable. But you hit the cuteness jackpot with the last picture.

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