Saturday, March 4, 2017

Bee Prepared

With bees it is better to have and not need than the other way around.  
 If the temperature is over 65 then the bees can be active.  Last week we had a few of those days and we saw a lot of bees from both hives coming and going.  There can still be plenty of bad weather before spring but it looks like both hives have made it through the winter.
So to bee on the safe side, I went ahead and ordered more bee stuff.  This way we are  ready in case there is a swarm or if the nectar flow is good and we need more supers.  I ordered a full complete hive and 3 more supers.   Since we didn't get any honey last year we are really hoping for a good bee season this year.


C said...

Good news about the bees.
Smart preparation.

Mrs Shoes said...

I do see the benefits of keeping bees, but I'm too chicken. I've managed to get this far without ever being stung & I'd like to keep my odds low. :-)

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