Saturday, March 25, 2017

Difficult Start To Calving

The first cow calved last night with a set of twins.  We went to check on them this morning with the intent of moving the cow and twins to a small lot where J could keep a better watch on them.  
 But when we got there this cow also had a calf the same color as one of the twins which we couldn't find.  At first J thought she had stolen it but there was the placenta and the calf was still wet, so it looked like hers.
 The twin we could find got an ear tag to aid in identifying.
 Then there was another bull calf J banded.
 While we were looking for the twin another cow calved right next to a swampy runoff.  The calf fell right in and was stuck in the mud.  I don't think that the water was deep enough to drown but the mud was certainly too thick to get out of.
J got it out and drug back up to dry land.
Maybe we will find the twin this afternoon.  At least the weather is warm.


C said...

J certainly has his hands full.

Mrs Shoes said...

I didn't realize you could band right away; so their nuts are dropped at birth, there's no issues with them pulling up inside? Legit question from the ignorant (me).

Crystal said...

Wow what a day, hope you find the twin, she probly left it stashed somewhere, our pastures are too big we have to take a twin away or they will just get left behind.

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