Monday, March 20, 2017

Getting Close

The Billy goat escaped from the barn lot to be with the nannies on November 3rd.  So according to the goat gestation calculator the nannies should start kidding on April 2nd.
 It seems someone always starts early, so this year we are trying to get prepared early.
 Some of those udders are really filling out.
 To get ready we had to move the yearling calves out of the kidding field.
 J has been feeding them grain using the 4-wheeler so we thought that they might follow it into the barn lot.  No go.
 Next he tempted them with a fork full of hay.
 That got them streaming in.
 Once they were all in they had to go back out through the horse field to get to their ultimate destination, the back 40.
 After a little encouragement they headed on out.  Most went through the gate but naturally, there was one rogue that decided to go through the high tensile fence instead.
Fixing the broken wire then put J about an hour behind on his feeding.  Next up will be rounding up the goats and getting them into the kidding field.

1 comment:

Crystal said...

Gets complicated when you have to move everything around, and fences always get broke no matter what

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