Friday, March 31, 2017

Just Kidding

The goats are kidding that is.  J went to check on them Wednesday and found one of the yearlings acting funny with a head tilt in the morning.  In the afternoon he found a kid but no nanny with it.  After much detective work, he decided it was from the yearling with the head tilt.  She had no udder, no milk what so ever and little interest in the kid.  
 When I got home J had to carry her to the barn.  I carried the baby.  Bumble and Bea are always concerned with something different is happening to their goats.  Because she had no milk and was the first one to kid, the baby got no colostrum.  She is doing well on the bottle but usually they die from infection of some sore within the first 2 weeks.  The nanny was better this morning, head tilt gone,  but still no milk or interest in the baby so she is back out with the herd and I'm bottle feeding the baby.
Then yesterday evening J found this nanny with quadruplets.  She raised triples twice but lost her twins last year in the water tank.  She is a very good mother.  The forecast was for heavy rain overnight so we moved her the quarter mile to the barn.   So far she is taking all of them.

Kid count - 5


Mrs Shoes said...
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Mrs Shoes said...

Quads? Holy Batman, what a good Nanny she is!

Crystal said...

Yikes hope she can keep all 4 but if you got one bottle baby why not more.

Hope the single makes it, too bad about no colostrum its pretty important

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