Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Trail Class Prep

I noticed the other day that the downspout on the barn was just dumping water out around the post.  The drain pipe was rotten and needed to be replaced.
I had some help while I was digging the old pipe out.
She was very curious about everything and loved standing in the ditch.
Anything new required a thorough inspection.
I think I have a trail horse in the making.
J came out to finish digging the trench deeper.
Draper helped him out too.  Now it is all fixed up and ready for some rain.


C said...

Funny to see a horse so "involved" in the goings on.

Crystal said...

She looks like fun, good shes not afraid already

Mrs Shoes said...

I love a curious horse!

Ruth said...

Looks like you had the best kind of help!!!! So adorable.

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