Friday, June 2, 2017

$400 Jeans, Truck Version

I'm sure you have all heard about the $400 distressed jeans from Nordstroms. 
 If not you can read about them HERE.
 I decided that J's truck was the truck  version of the $400 jeans.  Only he earned every rust spot, dent and scratch.  J bought it used in 2001.  It is a 1994 model.
 The bumper is now falling off.
 There is rust behind every wheel.  The passenger door can only be opened from the outside so you have to roll the window down to get out.  The door does close good though.
 The front bumper is disappearing.
 The left side is gone.
 I don't know what happened to the rear view mirror.  I thought it was still in the truck and several years ago my mother got the special glue for us so I could reattach it.  But by that time I couldn't find the mirror again.
 The driver side door also only opens from the outside but you have to flip the latch up to get it to close again.
 I think J backed into the trailer once and lost the tail light.
And I won't mention how it got a bullet hole in the bed.
Then the set ripped and the stuffing wore out and J was sitting cockeyed down on the seat frame.  I took pity on him and stuffed a pillow in the hole and sewed it up with fishing line.

If fake work jeans are worth $400, surely a real work truck is worth $20,000.  Any takers?


C said...

No mention on duct tape and wire or bondo?

I let go of my Celica after 23 years (clutch went out) - it was in rough shape but not that rough!! The truck is now 23 years old...

I totally don't get the crazy jeans - maybe if you got Nordstroms to sell your truck?

Crystal said...

Ya I don't get the jeans either, I guess people are too lazy to work but want to look like it. I think you should try and sell that truck you could have a new business venture lol

koi seo said...

maybe if you got Nordstroms to sell your truck?


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