Monday, June 12, 2017

Back In The Saddle

I had some surgery the first of May that has kept me from riding for several reasons.
1. Couldn't pull myself up into the saddle with my right arm.
2. Couldn't really turn the horse to the right if I wanted to.
3. Was afraid if the horse acted badly I wouldn't be able to get off fast enough.
4. Otoelene was lame with an abscess. 
5. Doctor said no riding. 
I rode Jessica in the barn a couple of weeks ago for about 15 minutes but I really don't count just walking around. 
 But yesterday, I rode Hank, The Wonder Horse.
 J rode Brother and got all the gates!!!!  Hank was his usual Wonder Horse self.  What a pleasure and joy to ride.  At least if you don't have to trot too much.  My goodness he is springy.  He is good to learn to post on because you have no other choice.
 Brother is 6 years old now.  Maybe he is finally deciding to be a reliable horse.  J got along really well with him yesterday.
And who needs to go to Mt Rogers with views like this in your front yard.


Crystal said...

Yay riding again, nice to have a reliable horse like Hank

C said...

Beautiful views. Oh yes and reason #5...

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