Friday, June 30, 2017

Home and Garden

I spent most of today working in the yard and on a home improvement project. 
Here is an update on the tommy toe fence.  So far so good, they are staying contained.   
I picked six cucumbers today.  Ate one for lunch, delish.  
Not  much prettier that a border bed full of pink and purple.  
I caught a hummingbird moth feeding on the phlox. 
The first 20 years here I have spent planting.  I looks like the next 20 will be full of cutting down. 
I decided to do away with the evergreen that was draping out of the planters.  I also dug up a few horse tails a few weeks ago to see if they could live between the house and sidewalk.  Most have managed to live so I might dig a few more to fill them in quicker. 
And then my craft project was new covers for the chair cushions.  The previous ones were cracked vinyl from the 60's.  Now I just need to repaint the chair.  And if you have seen my porch furniture you will know that that is very unlikely. 


Crystal said...

Looks nice, and even if you don't paint its an improvement having new covers

Virginia Reasor said...

Looks much more comfortable with the new cushion

C said...

Fresh cucumbers! Everything looks wonderful. The chair cushion looks good - the vintage chair in its rustic state has its own charms.

koi seo said...

if you don't paint its an improvement having new covers


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