Friday, June 23, 2017

In Bloom At The 4Rs

We have had plenty of rain this year so far so it has been a good season for the flowers. 
 We will be enjoying this sweep of day lilies along the driveway for the next 2 weeks.
 The cone flowers are beautiful this year.
 Sometimes they bloom until fall.
 The Easter lilies are a nice pop of white.
 And the corral bells are out doing themselves.
 The roses were pretty but they are done now.
As are my mother's day lilies.  But they were gorgeous while they lasted.  Hope you have something pretty in your yard.


C said...

Just beautiful. You have the touch.

Mrs Shoes said...

Orange day lilies - I just have yellow ones. Now I want orange too.

Crystal said...

So pretty. Ours are suffering after me being gone a week, but somehow the weeds are doing really well

Virginia Reasor said...

I can't wait for my yard to have that many flowers

koi seo said...

Now I want orange too.


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