Friday, June 9, 2017

No Honey Yet

Our bees seem to be really good at making more bees (3 swarms this year) but are slacking in the making honey department. 
 Our newest hive looked very busy so I thought J should go ahead and add a honey super to it.
 That went fine.
 So while he was all suited up, he checked on the other two hives.  And what a disappointment to see no drawn comb or honey started in either one.   I am hoping that it is still just early and since it has been so wet maybe that has stalled production some.
Anyway, J was glad to have the suit on.  Since we were just peeking in the hives and not really doing anything he didn't bother to use a smoker.  You can see they got a little angry.  Maybe I'll have him suit up again in July and check their progress again.


C said...
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C said...

I hope your bees get busy. (I hate it when I drop the r from your)

koi seo said...

I hate it when I drop the r from your .


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