Sunday, June 1, 2008

Trail Ride

We went trail riding and camping this weekend about 6 miles up the road from our house. We had never been on these trails before.The horses acted a little tried after the first ride on Saturday.
V on Jessica and J on Thumper. The trails were this wide most of the way.

E on Pep, one of the rare times she got in front of me. I rode a 26 year old horse someone else brought. Add Image
The mountain laurel was blooming. It always reminds me of the laurel chain in high school where the top 10 girls in the senior class made a rope of laurel to hand to the top 10 junior girls. I am not sure what this accomplished other than getting us out of class for a week the traipse through the woods pruning these poor bushes.
Anyway, the horses all acted great and everyone had fun and are ready to go again.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Did you scare any bats out of that laurel? That is what I remember about the laurel chain. That and the fact that we made it so thick we had to do some training exercises in order to be able to carry it.

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