Friday, July 9, 2010

EID Tagging

We are going to be sending 61 of our yearlings to the Circle 5 feedlot in Nebraska next week.
There usually is a premium for source and age verified cattle. In order qualify for this premium we have to tag the cattle with special electronic ear tags. J and the girls worked on this today while I was at my work. J did the tagging.
V worked the head gate and E took pictures and kept up with the paperwork.
Papa R even helped out. I don't think he came by to work but he volunteered anyway. They got 32 head tagged. The others are at a different farm and will probably get tagged right before they get hauled out.


Sherry Sikstrom said...

We do the age verification thing here as well , though I don't care for the CCIA tags they are a button style and I find if you don't get it just right they will loose them

George Luker said...

Excellent Post 4R Ranch.

Here is some tips on tagging and how to get good RFID tag Retention.

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