Sunday, August 6, 2023

Sadie Sunday

We brought Sadie home again after church today.  Allie got some alone time with Mike and Virginia.  It rained a lot of the afternoon so we had inside time.  After lunch and watching Frozen we went upstairs to the play room.
I let Sadie use more of the train track since we didn’t have Allie to be there deconstruction it.  
And we played with the Barbies and their clothes.  I am not getting out all of the accessories yet. Maybe in another year or two.
Then my favorite, “Mimi, can we ride the horse?”  Of course we can.  Otoelene is still a little off on that left hind but she was ok for a few trips around the barn.
And she is starting to really look forward to seeing Sadie with the treats after we finish.
Virginia brought Allie down to the barn.  She wasn’t too sure about whether or not to like Draper. 
But Sadie was ready to show her it was ok. 

 Then before they left, Sadie wanted to go out and pat Glitter.  It was a pretty big trip to where she was,  you can see the house in the background.  I ended up having to piggyback Sadie back most of the way.  Maybe I should move Glitter closer next time.


Shirley said...

Sunday family time is the best.

C said...

What a magical day. I appreciated this line "Of course we can"

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