Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Locks of Love

I finally got the the hair salon after 2 years and got my hair cut.  V said at least it looks better than it did but I still need to dye it.
I did have over 12 inches to donate to locks of love.  I understand that they sell the gray hair to offset costs.  Not that I'm admitting that mine is gray though.


Gamester said...

Looks very nice from the back.

Lynn said...

Your cut looks good from the back. The think I don't like about having shorter hair is that I want to keep it short and then I have to keep going back to have it cut. I don't trust any of my family members to cut it although I cut theirs. (well, the ones who actually get their hair cut)

I donated gray hair, twice! I have told D that when he ever gets his hair cut he needs to donate to Locks of Love. His hair is VERY thick and NOT gray.

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