Friday, April 24, 2009

Hip Lifters

One of our first calf heifers is down with calving paralysis. She got her back down hill when she was calving and her calf was dead and hip locked.  J had to pull it with the calf jack.  The pressure of the calf stuck in the pelvis causes damage to the nerves going to the rear legs.  Now she can't get up on her own.  A neighbor has a set of hip lifters we are borrowing.
They crank down over the pelvis,
then chain to the tractor's front end loader
and lifted up.  (Much easier looking in the pictures which don't show the 30 minutes of fighting and struggling with a 900 pound animal that wants to do something else.)
The hip lifters help support her weight and allow her to regain strength in her rear legs. Hopefully, she will be able to get up on her own soon.  J says farming is not always sunshine and roses.

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